Monday, August 29, 2011

★ Dear Diary [Min's Bday]

Last Saturday, it was min's birthday..
We lied to her that all of us can't attend her party,
We said we all was going to swim..
That was Mr. Ang Tze Heng 's idea..

On that day, Kai yan came early 3 p.m. to my shop,
we went to Yawata and One Prize Shop for Min's birthday..
We shopped for nearly one hour..
After that, we went back to my home,
preparing her presents;
3 Doraemon things..
Besides, we made a huge card with all Doraemon's Sticker on..

6 p.m. like this, CNing brought Min to KFC upstairs,
all of us gathered at KFC downstairs..
Preparing her birthday cake..

And here we go,
upstairs to surprised Min..
Yeah, she was shocked by our surprise..

Do you know what they gave her?
they gave her KOTEX!! haha
as a present..
Crazy, haha!

That night, he came..
Love that moment !


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