Friday, June 10, 2011


Holiday.. Holiday...
"No matter how much you think you hate school, you will still miss it when you leave."
This is so true...
haha.. yeah.
When holiday come, you'll shout : "Hurray!!! Holiday!!"
Yeah, I'm happy too..
But during holiday, you'll get bored..
I'd get bored..
Hoping there's that i could go..
Instead, when school is going to again,
"No matter how much you think you hate holiday, you will miss it when it leave."
Am i right?
Maybe some of you don't agree. haha..
I agree..

Anyway, it's a long time since i updated my last blog.
Now, holiday is going to finish..
I never did anything studies, exercises, learning during these two week holidays..
well, feeling guilty..

What i did during is just watching tv, listening to music, online, sleeping...
2 event i did making me feel happy!

1. Penang trip 1/6/2011

2. Yan's house 7/6/2011

I'm happy!!
yeah, I'm kinda busy right now, gotta shut down..
so, bye!

Oh yeah! tomorrow is Yi Qing's make up party!
I'm so excited! A different , special party!!
I'll update my blog about it tomorrow , if i could..