Wednesday, October 12, 2011

★Dear Diary [PMR, Bye bye !]

 We're all very excited today !
Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Yeah ! it's really OVER !!
Finally, I can say bye bye to my dear PMR..
Finally, finally, finally..
That's all we can say now..
And now, we're all thinking and planing what we wanna do after PMR...
All i could think of is singing, swimming and many more..

And Ee Qing, Wei Min, Kai Yan and Jia Xuan had already came to my shop this afternoon,
For Karaoke !!
Singing ! Singing ! Singing !
As crazy as we can be !!
Laughing now and then,
We'd had a great time..

Ee Qing

I took photos when kai yan, wei min and jia xuan went back,
so there's no photo of them..
Never mind,
Next time..
haha !

This evening, I asked my mom with full of happiness and..
argghh... WTH!! 
The first day of my holiday have just broken..
ME; mom, can i go to watch movie with my friend ?
MOM; (shake head) No Way !
ME; Why? In N.T. , there's no place we can go except KFC... ==
DAD; Read BOOKS la ! U always wanna go out only..
ME; (T.T) WTH ! PMR had just over, man..
MOM; Read ur novels then..
That's it ! That's it ! Kill me please !
When can i get over with these creepy things?
But there's one way i can get out...
MOM; U can go out unless.... Chi Ning's going too...==

Haiz.. Don't be sad..
This is ur life..
If can't go out, then whatever.
.as long as... i dont no..
Maybe, who knows ?

Anyway, I'm happy and thankful..

 ! PMR is OVER ! 


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