Sunday, August 21, 2011

♡ Dear Diary [ Swimming ]

Today parents went to Penang,
I was alone at home, online...

Decided to go swimming in the afternoon..
But, nobody bring me.. T.T
Yan said her aunt can't bring me...
I told him,
He said that he could give me a ride ..
I said okay..

So, he brought me by his car...

I was kinda nervous while waiting for him to come to my house...

In the car, i feel unexpectedly comfortable...
We'd talk...
We'd silence...
I felt like wanna that time to stop for just a moment..

Honestly, I was very happy..
Was that count as a date?

While swimming, i was thinking about him...
And it made me kept smiling in the water,
haha, sounds silly..
But it's true..
I was thinking about how i get home too..
I hoped that he came and picked me..
But i didn't ask..

At last, i just sat Yan's car home..

Anyway, I wanna thanks for HIM & YAN,
for giving me a ride..


L . O . V . E = (L)ife with y(O)u without mo(VE) on

You're my favorite hello but you are also my hardest goodbye.

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