Sunday, August 21, 2011

★ Dear Diary [ My blog ]

Hey, it's a long time since the last blog..
I'm here now..
u know, i have too many blog..
I was thinking about closing this one,
And use tumblr...
But i'm kinda x sampai hati..
haha XD

Well, i know that my blog are not so interesting..
Sometimes, i don't even know what to write..
Or just post some random-copy-and-paste quotes i love,
which is stupid, i think...

Besides, I don't know how to edit the background, add some " like " icon, e.t.c..
I'm jealous to see others' blogs are so beautiful..
Tumblr is easy to edit..
But i think it's kinda not suit for blog..
I don't know..
Maybe i'll just use both of them..

So, my final answer is i'll still using this blog...

And, i was wondering if someone could tell how to edit this background?
It's hard..
I don't understand THE HTML... ><

I love this picture of myself.
I took it by myself.
In the car while waiting for daddy.

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