Sunday, April 17, 2011


I like this one guy who text with me everyday,
who blew away my boredom,
who made me smile,
who made me laugh,
who encouraged me,
who joked with me,
who made me crazy,
who made me shout,
etc etc...
Just broke my heart...
that night i can't cry cause the tears won't come out...
just i figured out that maybe if i watch a sad movie,
it will make me cry..
yes, finally, it'd make me cry...
luckily, when the movie's over,
i was still crying,
crying so hard that it won't stop..
thanks, movie..

I was crying, crying and crying..and shit!
parent were coming home,
then i've to control myself...
force the tear back..
It's easy if u wanna make me cry but it's hard if i want myself cry...