Sunday, April 17, 2011

about me..

I've got many blogs but there's no any perfect one.. haha..
but i've got three perfect ones,
1st one is
2nd one
those two are just all about photography, superstars..
3rd one
this one i've got password lock on so i swear u can't get in,
anyway some of my friends know the password
but i'm not going to let you know, sorry..
Well, I don't know if i'll keep update this blog or not...
I'm lazy to upload sometimes, i don't know..

Well, this is me... :)
I'm Jowearn..
Goes by LoveBite, Vampire, Nessie [padam muka! haha]
Birth, March 3th 1996..
I'm 15!! hehe..
I'm a BITCH actually! haha xD
I love to bite, listening to music, online, texting, chatting...
Hate being alone, though no one will accompany me..
I love something death, cute, wonderful, etc..
i dont really good in introducing myself..
If you have something to ask me, just ask, 'kay?
I swear i won't bite ya.. haha..
Goodnight, world.. <3

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