Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tasha's 15th Birthday

Friday, April 4th 2011...
The next day was Natasha's birthday..
Jxuan decided to make a surprise for her..
So, we lied to her...
We invited her to Kai Yan's house,
said Yan had a BBQ party at her house..
At 1st, she don't believe and said she don't wanna go,
so, other girls try to assure her, make her go...
Finally, we lied to her successfully
she believed us...

Jxuan, Sahanah and I went to buy a chocolate cake..
Actually, we lied to Tasha the place changed to KFC..
She'd doubted us but she went anyway...
We brought the birthday cake to upstair,
There she was, sitting in front of her cousins...
We started to sing;
"Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Tasha~
Happy Birthday to you~"
and we laughed..
Tasha said one word: "Jahat.."
Here's the video...

Wanna see the pics?
Here's the link

We were waiting some people but they didn't come..
so, we just left...
That's all.. hehe..

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