Saturday, May 14, 2011

Please don't lie to me anymore

Fathin Marshitah, my Mei2(sister)..
Please don't lie to me anymore;
or either keep secret from me,
no matter it's a bad new..
if u don't tell me,
someday i'll know too..
maybe that time i'll be sadder..
Thanks for telling me everything..
but all those didn't matter anymore..
Ignoring mom,
Ignoring them,
Forgetting him,
Is all i need to do now...

Thanks for telling me about him-secret, mei2..
Because that might help me don't be a stupid, an idiot anymore,
just for waiting him..
I know it's impossible but i keep hoping...
it's not right, why i can't figure it out from the beginning?
I'm so a nerd...

Mei2, do u trust them or me? ( i think u know what i mean) :)


  1. sorry..i don't me 2 secrect wif u..
    sure i trust u..
    i'm afraid when i tell u..u will sad..

    (athin itah)mei2

  2. i promise, i won't sad :) Thanks :)